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The Kunzler Studios Story

Kunzler Studios, a family art venture, was formed in May of 2013 when we registered with the great state of Iowa as Kunzler Studios, LLC.  Its members consist of Diane Blair Kunzler, Mike Kunzler, Kelly Kunzler , and Kendall Kunzler.  How’d we come up with such a cool name as Kunzler Studios, you may be asking yourself?  Kunzler is a German surname meaning Artist.  Studios are rooms where artists work.  You do the math.

Since its formation, Kunzler Studios continues to grow and change.  In 2013, we started working in Studio 450 in the old Art 316 building located on Southwest 5th Street in Des Moines, Iowa.  At that time, our primary goal was to hang out together, visit, listen to good music, occasionally partake in a cup of coffee or an adult beverage and, of course, make art.  After only a couple years at that location, we were forced to make way for progress (our studios were being turned into condos), pack up our art supplies and move to the burbs.  

Somewhere around the same time we were scattering, we had the great fortune to cross paths with the amazing founders of a private non-profit foundation who wanted to partner with Kunzler Studios to bring art experiences to individuals facing cognitive, physical, emotional, or financial challenges. This partnership expanded the focus of Kunzler Studios and led us to our new location (Coming soon!) at 324 5th Street in Historic Valley Junction, West Des Moines, Iowa.

The dynamics of Kunzler Studios can be easily understood by reading the following family text exchange during the development of this website:

Kelly (Artist in Residence) voluntarily wrote Kendall’s biography: 
     “Kendall is Kelly’s sister – constantly overshadowed by his sheer awesomeness.  She is stinky.”

Kendall (Web-Design & Social Media Expert) responded with her own bio: 
     “Kendall is the girl who deleted all acknowledgement of her brother’s existence from the Kunzler Studios website.”

Diane (Art Education Expert) provided her own autobiographical input: 
     “After teaching for 38 years, Diane just wants to be left alone to do some art work.”
Mike (Art Director) made the unusual move to be a silent observer instead of filling his usual role as instigator/antagonist.

Kunzler Studios plans to become a place where artists or those who appreciate the arts want to be.  We plan to be more than just a studio, a gallery, a retail location, or an education center but, instead a “lifestyle location” where the Kunzler Studios motto “Create, Innovate, Educate, Celebrate!” can be fully realized.
Thank you for visiting our website.  As it’s still in its infancy, please come back and see how we grow.  Also, since growth involves listening & learning, feel free to leave us feedback about how we can improve!
Diane, Kelly, Kendall, and Mike
Create   to bring something into existence
Innovate   to make positive changes to something already in existence
Educate   to develop the faculties and powers of a person through teaching
Celebrate   to acknowledge a significant accomplishment with a social gathering