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Diane Blair Kunzler

Diane has a degree in Art from Graceland University, Lamoni, Iowa and an MFA from the Art Institute of Boston at Lesley University in Boston, Massachusetts. After 38 years of teaching in the public schools, she "retired" to focus on her own work.  She still adjuncts at Iowa Central Community College and teaches a variety of workshops focusing on 2D media - mostly to satisfy her continued need to instruct people.  Diane’s work has been featured in many juried and one person shows around the Midwest. The subject matter of her oil paintings and pastels is usually pulled from nature and often examines the subtle nuances a busy society might typically miss - how water flows over and between river rocks or beads up on the leaf of a lily pad.  Diane serves as the education expert for Kunzler Studios.

Kelly Kunzler

Kelly graduated as a Painting and Sculpture major from Graceland University. His work primarily focuses on the figure and explores subjects of power and abuse, conflicting identies and more lighthearted portraits. He is distracted easily and is not to be trusted with scissors or sharp objects by himself.  Kelly is employed by Kunzler Studios and serves as artist in residence for The Least of These Foundation.

Kendall Kunzler

Kendall graduated with a Visual Communications major and a Psychology minor from Graceland University.  She has worked as a remedial service provider, teaching children coping and social skills and currently works at DuPont Pioneer as a Quality Assurance Associate where, among other things, she audits scientific laboratory processes.

Kendall's 2-D work has evolved from compositions in which intricate filigree-type lines twist and turn through changing color backgrounds to her most recent color-field pastel pieces which are inspired by cityscapes and landscapes.  These latest works rely, not on line, but rather on Kendall’s strong sense of composition and her commanding use of color. Kendall is far more responsible than Kelly.

Mike Kunzler

Mike received his Bachelor of Science in Art Education from Missouri State in Springfield, Missouri in 1987. He has taught art and elementary education in the Iowa public school system, worked in the children's department at the West Des Moines Public Library and, until March of 2016 worked at DuPont Pioneer, a bit of a square peg in a round hole. 

Recently he had the opportunity to become Art Director for Kunzler Studios, collaborating with the non-profit Least of These Foundation and the Kunzler family to provide art experiences for individuals with physical, cognitive, emotional, or financial challenges. Mike's art usually focuses on the whimsical, appreciated, mostly, by children and immature adults.  His genes are the reason Kelly can't be trusted with scissors or other sharp objects.